Roma Ceramic Tile

Find Roma Ceramic Tile in Shaw PM

On-trend limestone visual in three soft, light neutrals with low color variation and marbled veining.

Floor/wall combo including a complete deco package with listello and wall accent.

Color Line

100 Latte
100 Latte Mosaic
100 Latte Wall Deco
100 Latte Wall Listello
100 Latte Wall Tile
101 Hazelnut
101 Hazelnut Mosaic
101 Hazelnut Wall Deco
101 Hazelnut Wall Tile
700 Chai
700 Chai Mosaic
700 Chai Wall Deco
700 Chai Wall Tile
Application Floor Decorative/Trim
Application Floor Field Tile
Application Wall Decorative/Trim
Application Wall Field Tile
Break Strength 323/437 lbs.
COF Wet .64
Color Group Light Neutral
Install on Floors
Install on Walls
Tile Category Accents/Sundries
Tile Category Ceramic/Porcelain
Tile Category Mosaic
Type Porcelain
Water Absorption 0.25%
Wear Rating Class 4: Moderate to heavy traffic; recommended fo